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    HTML5 Canvas For Dummies
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    Custom Apps

    Get a custom QuickClick app for your business. Use the format you see here or let us create a custom format tailored to your needs.


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    QuickClickTM apps: fast, simple ... and fun!

    Our QuickClick Locales app series is designed for easily and rapidly finding your favorite places. Using QuickClick Locales improves the effectiveness of using either a Mapping application by itself or other location focused apps.

    • Individualized App Icons. We've developed easy to recognize icons for each of our focused apps (see app downloads to the right.) QuickClick icons can be placed on your home screen or widget panels for easy access. If you download more than one QuickClick app, you might want to group them together on one of your panels. 
    • One Button Click. One click is all that's needed to search near your current location (as in the image above.) We've located the Find button in an easy to reach position near the top of the screen in a place convenient for one or two handed, portrait or landscape, use.
    • Easy to Access Options. On the same single screen, options can be used to enter additional search criteria. This information is saved between uses if you want to return to the same search later. 


    Many apps require hunting through a long sequence of screens to get results. QuickClick apps are amazingly fast and direct. Our apps are focused on specialized needs and all your interaction for initiating a searh is located on a single screen. Download apps to the right for all your favorite categories

     For ease of use, each app has built-in assistance for well known places specific to that app's target market; for example, Fast Food... 


    QuickClick Locales apps leverage the full power and capabilities of Mapping applications which provide a set of tools for exploring additional information about your search results. Control is seamlessly passed to your preferred Mapping app. This is not the case with applications that fold Mapping app capabilities into their apps; these apps typically offer only a limited subset of Mapping capabilities.

    If you have more than one Mapping app installed on your smartphone, you will be given a choice of which mapping app to use. If you always want to use the same Mapping app, you can check "Use by default for this action" checkbox.

    Below is a list of some of the capabilities found in Mapping applications to which control is transferred:



     Privacy Policy

    Your privacy is important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities. We respect your right to keep your personal information confidential and understand your desire to avoid unwanted solicitations. We do not retain, redistribute or sell information about your use of QuickClick Locales apps.